Pulliam Properties is a customer satisfaction driven company. We build each project as if it is our own. We make building a quality project our first priority by providing you with the attention, communication and respect that you deserve. Throughout the entire building experience, our main focus is concentrated on what we can do to encourage your ideas and customize your project according to your needs. As a company, we would like nothing more than to build your family a safe place they can call theirs.

Core Values:

Honesty –

It is always the best policy. In every situation we believe that the honest way is the best way for you and also for our company.

Communication –

Communication is very important in every facet of life and building your home. We demand this from ourselves, sub-contractors, clients, and our family members. The ability to look someone in the eye and shake their hand with confidence is a strong part of the communication we portray in every aspect of building our homes. People skills help us to believe in the work we are doing and also believe in the others helping us to get the job done.

Strong Work Ethic –

You have to earn it. Nothing good in life will come easily without preparation and hard work. Through preparation and hard work we believe we will learn to appreciate the gifts we have been blessed with. Once we master these two items, we will occasionally taste success, and through refining the process it will become an art. We focus on each and every home we build with a strong work ethic.

Respect –

We respect those that have attempted the path before us and we strive to perfect it. We follow their success and learn from their failure. Pulliam Properties feels that respect is something that you must earn. We strive to earn that respect from everyone we come into contact with. We earn it by our efforts and we are not afraid to get your hands dirty. By these efforts we will gain the respect of our future clients as well as the continued respect of our current clients.